200 Morgan Street, LLC

200 Morgan Street eponym, comes from the street address in Jersey City, NJ that was the birthplace of Dr. Arthur Zampella who was a physician that owned and operated Idylease from 1954 until 1992.

For over 35 years Richard Zampella has envisioned an opportunity to celebrate the history and future of Idylease. Consistent with the wishes of his father, Dr. Arthur Zampella, the property along with it’s historic structure has been under the stewardship of his son since 2016, when 200 Morgan Street purchased the 100 acre estate.

If we don’t care about our past, we cannot hope for the future… I care desperately about saving old buildings.

-Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Commission for the Township of West Milford declared Idylease its first locally designated historic landmark on October 5, 1988. Thomas Edison was a frequent guest at Idylease while working on a magnetic ore extracting device at the Franklin/Ogdensberg Mine. Edison was no stranger to Newfoundland. He had filmed scenes from "The Great Train Robbery" in Echo Lake and would often have his car serviced at the local garage in Newfoundland.

Protecting the Past

As a preservationist, I am a proponent that the past can also educate. Architecture as an example, is a direct and substantial representation of history and place that can teach us about our collective past. By preserving historic structures, we are able to share the very spaces and environments in which the generations before us lived.

Historic Landmark

Preserving historic buildings―whether related to someone famous or recognizably dramatic―strangers are able to witness the aesthetic and cultural history of an area. Old buildings maintain a sense of permanency and heritage. There is no chance to renovate or to save a historic site once it’s gone. And we can never be certain what will be valued in the future.

Idylease: A Historic Landmark

There is something to be said for modernization but there is also something to be said about a structure that has preserved a piece of living history which provides an affordable place to live. Idylease in West Milford Township (the Newfoundland Section) has furnished rooms available for rent.


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Majestically standing on Union Valley Road since the day she opened her doors to the public on New Year's Day in 1903, Idylease remains one of Newfoundland's most beautiful and impressive structures.

Idylease: A Historic Landmark

Idylease Croquet Match

circa 1903

Idylease Ivy

Idylease 1904

Southern View

Idylease Under Construction Summer 1902

Under Construction

Summer of 1902

Idylease Under Construction Summer 1902

Open to the Public

New Years Day 1903

Idylease Portrait: Dr Edgar Day


Newfoundland Health Association

Idylease Portrait: Dr Edgar Day

Idylease Halloween

Circa 1904

Dr Edgar Day Owner and Operator of Idylease in 1902

Dr. Edgar Arthur Day

Owner/Operator of Idylease 1902-1906

Dr Daniel Drake Owner and Operator of Idylease in 1902

Dr. Daniel Edgar Drake

Owner/Operator of Idylease 1906-1951

Dr Daniel Drake Owner and Operator of Idylease in 1902

Main Lobby at Idylease

Circa 1903

Main Entrance Doors at Idylease

Main Entrance at Idylease

Circa 1903

Grand Staircase at Idylease

Grand Staircase at Idylease

Circa 1902

Idylease Stock Certificate

Original Idylease Stock Certificate

Dr. Edgar Day

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